You Might Need a Challenge Coin If . . .

With a history going back to the start of the twentieth century, challenge coins remain a thriving part of U.S. military culture, and they've spread far beyond that as well. But it's not just current servicemen who carry these stunning, beautifully cast coins. Enthusiasts come in many different forms—and you might even be ready to become one yourself. For example, you might need a challenge coin if

  • You love military memorabiliaMany of the people we see collecting challenge coins are not servicemen themselves, but lovers of all things military history. And if you love military history, sooner or later you're going to stumble upon the world of challenge coins and realize there's a good reason why people get obsessed. Representing countless units and occasions, some officially and some unofficially, some current and some former, challenge coins are a special way to commemorate the events and units that are most important to you.
  • You served in the military yourselfIt's hard to find a veteran who doesn't still have a few challenge coins laying around, usually kept in a very safe place and shown off with pride to children and grandchildren. Many vets even continue to carry their old challenge coins on their person, within easy reach, just like in the days they were in the service—ready to meet a challenge at a second's notice. Old challenge coins and new both make wonderful mementos for a military veteran.
  • A mother, father, or grandfather served in the military You don't have to be a vet yourself to have a special connection to a challenge coin. If you have a loved one who served or currently serves our nation, then a challenge coin representing their branch or unit can be a meaningful keepsake. It's a way to remind yourself of them and what they do for our country.
  • You're a member of law enforcement Law enforcement has its own challenge coin traditions, many of them going back decades. A challenge coin can be a way to bring a unit together or simply a reminder of what you stand for even when you're not wearing the badge.
  • You're a firefighter Likewise, firefighters have developed strong challenge coin traditions and can view a coin both as a sign of membership in the department or a reminder of the risky but vital job done by firefighters past and present.

Of course, anyone can take up collecting challenge coins, no matter who they are. How many coins have you collected?